Perfect Wedding Nights…

The vows were said, the tears were shed. People toasted to our union and danced the night away.

Six tiers, butter cream icing, no coconut. An open bar, a live jazz band and bridesmaids that belonged on the cover of Vogue.

Today was everything she wanted, everything she deserved. Today was everything I needed, everything I desired.

That was today.
That was our Picture Perfect Wedding.

I would have been happy going to the courthouse and hopping on a plane to Cannes. As long as it was with her.

That was today.
That was our fairy tale Wedding.

Tonight was different. No flowergirls or ringbearers, no flowers or doves. Our bags were packed and our flight was booked. The hotel suite cost way too much but it was our night.

Both of us married for the first time, making love for the first time. Well, the first time as her being my wife. I took a shower and went to the hotel bar.

“I want to make tonight special. Don’t come back for an hour and don’t drink anymore.”

She kissed me like a wife should kiss a husband and closed the door. I gave her an hour and twenty minutes because I knew my wife.

I didn’t use my key card, I knocked on the door. She opened it in a white silk robe. No makeup on her face, her hair still perfect.

“Give me your hand husband.”

I followed her into the suite, candles burning, Coltrane playing, gifts and flowers all around us.

“Sit down baby.” She opened her robe and underneath was a white lace bra and panty set. No heels, no garter belt, no flash.

It was simple, it was perfect.

“Let’s open these gifts, drink some wine. Make fun of some people and play on Facebook. I’m tired and so are you. And at around 3am when we’ve fallen to sleep I’ll wake you up the way a wife should wake up a husband.”

And that was our first night as husband and wife.

This is dedicated to you by the way 🙂 you know who you are…

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