Why Men Love Sex Appeal…



I’ll start the premise of my blog with those two thoughts.

Now let me be honest for a second, I was in a relationship for eight years with a woman I loved very much. She was a really good person, a sweet soul but our sex life sucked. It could have been me, I could be horrible in bed and a bad kisser. I doubt it but you never know…

There was months at a time where there was nothing, no kissing, no touching, no dresses with panties in the purse. And I stayed in there because I felt and still feel like good women don’t grow on trees. But now that I’ve been removed from her from awhile I know with all my heart I can never do that again.

I’m sure most men love sex, we’re men. But I LOVE SEX AND SEX APPEAL!!!

It motivates me to not only write but to write the sort of writing that turns people on mentally. I need to be around a woman that knows she’s fine and knows I want her every time I talk to her or see her. I need the text that say “I’m not wearing panties today.” The calls that say, “I can’t wait until you come over tonight.”

No guy in his right mind expects a woman to be “ON” 24/7, they’ll be days and nights were panties won’t be pretty and conversations won’t be sexy. That’s what love is, that’s what relationships are. But that shouldn’t be the norm. The norm should be wanting to ignore every fine ass woman in my phone or on Facebook because the woman I’m with is everything I write about.

It’s not fair to compare one woman to the next, you don’t know what she’s been thru in life but any guy that tells you he doesn’t think about the woman that was down for whatever when he’s with a woman that’s not is lying.

At 29 I can’t imagine spending the next 50 years having sex once a week with a woman in big panties or old ass t-shirts. I have no children, I love life and love and lust. I need surprise masturbation sessions in the truck where I can barely drive because you’re going in on yourself. I need moments in the restaurant where we’re both drunk and saying incredibly inappropriate things. I’m about that life.

This message isn’t knocking women that love panties or clothes that do nothing for their figure. I’m sure there’s men out there that love that. This message is more so phrasing the women that love their body and what that said body does to men like me.

So in closing I’d just like to thank all the women that took extra attention to get well groomed, showered, pull out that perfect skirt and blouse. Sprayed that soft summer fragrance and picked out a perfect heel and decided to leave the panties at home or put on a pair that would make any man more than happy to take off today and meet her for lunch.

One thought on “Why Men Love Sex Appeal…

  1. Reblogged this on demezw and commented:

    In this article I’m sort of contradicting myself because I think there’s something incredibly magical about seeing a woman undress standing there in a pretty pair of panties, confident, sexy, anxious. Saying all that getting a text at 1pm saying, “I’m not wearing panties today for you,” still blows any mans mind. Even if you know it’s not true. See, when I write about or speak of sex it’s rarely the moment but about the anticipation.

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