5 Reasons Why I Deserve You More…

I’m not big on comparing myself to other men because me wanting you has nothing to do with them.

Women are attracted to different things, different traits in men. I can be a better person but not a better fit.

I understand that but I also know that anything worth having is worth fighting for. I’ll walk away if that’s really what you want but not before you know that I deserve you more than him.

Five: I’d never ask more of you than I’m willing to give myself. I’d never take more than you’re willing to give. Not mentally, not emotionally and damn sure not physically.

Four: You’ll never have to meet me somewhere or come pick me up. You’ll never worry about me needing to borrow your car or use you. I’m a man and my job will always be to protect you.

Three: For better or worse I will put you on a pedestal. I’ll hold you to expectations that no man probably has. When you have a bad day I’ll be there with wine and flowers and love. Because I know that I’m blessed to have you in my life. Because you deserve to be happy and I deserve to see you smile.

Two: He may tell you what you want to hear. I’ll take a bullet for you because life before you wasn’t life. It was life.

One: I’m capable of writing a dozen bestsellers. With you on my side, on my team. A dozen would be on the low side. I deserve to be great so that I can give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

I deserve you more than him. Now I just have to meet you 🙂

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Deserve You More…

  1. Wow..i just came across your Facebook page today and i’m truly impressed! there are some great guys out there..good to know..keep writing..we’re reading even in Africa; Nairobi Kenya.


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