“Why Julius Caesar and Barack Obama Will Die the Same Death (Figuratively)”

A man the people love but the wealthy despise.

A man that wanted the Senate to work together but was fought at every turn because if he passed any bill it would only make him more popular with the people. A child that rose from poverty to a lawyer to a Senator to the leader of a nation.

Who am I talking about? Take your pick?

It could be a Senator from Illinois or a Senator from Rome. The President of the most powerful nation today or the Consul of the most powerful nation then.

Barack Obama and Julius Caesar have a lot in common but I won’t bore you with facts and dates and numbers. I want to talk about how and why their fate walks hand in hand with their doom. Not because of the Senators and wealthy that despised them. But because of the people they called friends.

Brutus killed Caesar because he knew he could never rule Rome while he lived. It doesn’t matter if you’re the second most powerful man in the world when your best friend is the most powerful. So he set us a plot to have him stabbed on the Senate floor. A betrayal that still gets written about today.

When is the last time you’ve seen Hilary Clinton or Joe Biden photo’d next to the President? When is the last time you saw either one of them on TV defending his policies or the personal attacks on him? You may see them defending the “Administration” but you won’t see them defending their President.


Because they’re two certainties in life… President Obama will either lose this election in November or he’ll finish his two years and be out in 2016. Any film or video or quotes that Republicans have of Biden or Clinton standing next to President Obama will be used against them.

They may not be holding knives ready to stab him on the Senate floor but they’ve stabbed him in the back with their inactivity. With their lack of support, with their fear that if they ride too hard for him it will be held against them in 2016.

Under Julius Caesar Rome passed more laws that bettered the lower class than at any point in their history. Under Barack Obama the United States has passed more bills and laws then at any point since the Great Depression. President Clinton was a paper President, he was popular simply because the world was warless and the economy was booming. President Bush took care of the wealthy and elite and didn’t apologize for it.

President Obama has passed that benefit Student Loan holders, the poor in reference to Health Care. And even lesser bills that have bigger consequences. We have sanctions on Iran at this very moment, if Romney was in office we would be at war with Iran. That’s the difference between a leader of a Nation and a man that simple wants the title.

This note isn’t me thinking that President Obama will be assassinated in the White House by Hilary and Biden. But this is me saying that they are plotting in the simplest of ways. And that plotting is going to lead to President Obama losing more than he wins.

Read these next lines very carefully. Because I firmly believe this is what will take place in the next 14 months.

Win or lose this election Hilary Clinton will resign.

Win or lose this election Joe Biden will start to be seen a lot more and distance himself from the President’s policies.

The Republicans will win more seats in the Senate and in Congress because Republican voters care more than Democratic voters.

These shootings by middle age and young white men will become far more consistent.

Julius Caesar was a great leader that died young because the wealthy feared his impact.

President Obama has the ability to be one of the greatest leaders in History but will be die an underwhelming political death because the wealthy and his own party fears him.


These are just a few thoughts. If anyone would like to have a more in-depth conversation my inbox or email are always open.


Long live Democracy.

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