Rainy Days and Underrated Love Songs…

I was in my office taking this incredibly long and boring quiz on safety practices. The only thing that helped me keep my sanity was my beloved iPod.

So as I’m finishing up the test and coming outside I notice that the sky is dark and the wind is blowing.

My friend the rain is coming. And that got me to thinking about a couple songs that go well with my mood at the moment.

I’ll only do four considering I should be working anyway.

Neyo ‘Part of the List…’ He gets a lot of slack for having a huge head and being sort of feminine but you can’t knock his ability to write music. Part of the List is a song about all the traits and features he misses about a woman. My favorite part is when he says, ‘I learn something new everyday.’ A mannerism, a toe, a birthmark. The song just works because if you’ve ever been in love or infatuated there really is nothing you don’t notice.

Babyface ‘Everytime I Close My Eyes…’ When I first heard this song I was maybe 16, 17, I thought it was weird that you’d “see a woman everytime you closed your eyes” but the ignorance of our youth lol. Did you know that our minds are actually more active when we sleep? Like 80% more active. So when we dream and think our minds see faces and vibes so clearly. That’s why this song is so deep.
Maroon 5 ‘Never Gonna Leave This Bed…’ This song is a little more upbeat than the others but the emotion and words are no less the same. The song is about a guy that’s so heartbroken he can’t get out of bed. So he’s reminiscing about all the time they spent in bed. Sometimes our bed feels like the safest place on earth.

Chrisette Michelle ‘All I Ever Think About’ and ‘Blame It On Me…’ I’m using two songs for this last one because they’re back to back on her Epiphany album. These are two of the realest songs you’ll ever hear in your life. ‘Blame It On Me’ is a song about a woman that’s so hurt and done and simply wants to move on. She knows it’s not her fault but she doesn’t care. ‘All I Ever Think About’ is self explanatory.

These are some midday ramblings of an author named Mez.

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