Why the Rain Reminds Me of You…

It reminds me of you because it’s soothing like you, when I hear it I feel relaxed in the same way I feel when your hands are in my hair; when I smell it I feel calm, when the drops fall on me I feel alive. Sort of like your voice after a long day, your kiss after a dry day.

The rain reminds me of you because it’s wet like you. Because that wetness motivates me and encourages me and gives me so much creativity. That wetness feels perfect between my fingertips and on the tips of emotions. The rain falls hard or it falls light, it falls when the sky is dark and when the sky is blue. That’s who you are, wet when it’s dark and wet when it’s right before the dawn.

The wind, the scent, the urgency to get home so you can beat the storm. That’s you, your scent makes me want to come home… made me want to come home. It was just that urgent, just that worth it. Your essence is the calm of the rain before the rain even comes.

It rains in every season.

It rains at 4am or 4pm.

It rains when we need it the most and when we least expect it.

You remind me of the rain because every drop of you during any season is always welcome.


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