Fall… Women… Fashion

I make no secret of my love for women, for pretty faces and nice smiles. I’m sure most men love women, that doesn’t make me special or unique. I just happen to love the details, the specifics that make women… women.

That’s why I love Fall and Fashion when it comes to women. It’s the perfect combination if there ever was one. I’ve been in really cold cities in the Fall and those big coats and scarves, gloves. That’s not what you want. But in a city like Houston where the perfect Fall day is like 65 degrees and partly cloudy it’s Heaven on earth.

Tight jeans, a thin thermo or button down shirt, a cute jacket. Nice boots.

A sexy pair of slacks, a cute light sweater, four inch closed toe heels.

Fall clothing is just sexy, it screams intoxicating. Not to mention the lack of humidity and what it does for her hair. I know so many women that curl their hair and it looks amazing in the mirror but as soon as they step outside and the humidity hits it… it goes limp.

In the Fall that hair stays curly and bouncy and women with nice hair just have more confidence.

The summer is for short shorts, linen and thin dresses.

The winter is for velvet and leather and accessories.

The spring is all about getting ready for the summer.

But the Fall, the Fall is when you mix all those things together. And women are just great when it comes to that. A lot of people don’t know this about me but when I write I always imagine a real person, real traits, real skin texture, a real voice. It literally helps me make the character more authentic.

Today I saw a picture of a woman in a fitted dress, long legs, a blazer on and her hair was all wild and free. I must have looked at that picture, studied it for about five minutes. I didn’t comment on it, I didn’t like it, I just admired the effort it must have taken for her to walk out the house looking so perfect.

Looking so Fallish.

Gold, Bronze, deep purples, these are the colors I see on women when I imagine this season. Bangles and earrings that accent nice jackets and boots, it all works in unison and it all drives us wild. Jill Scott, Norah Jones, John Legend, I can see those evenings now.

Us casual chic, tipsy, her holding onto me because she’s had too much to drink and the music has her feeling a certain way. The chill in the air since we’ll be outside, nipples being attacked by the wind, jeans that hug every curve she has. You don’t get these sorts of the nights anytime but the Fall.

Fall, Fashion and Women…. I’m so about that life!

Now I just have to find a woman to share these moments with.


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