Marriage Will Always Matter…

I want to tell you why marriage matters to me; I’ve written to you before and I’ll keep writing to you because the truth is it calms me. Now I’ll also keep mentioning Walking Down the Aisle because that’s part of who I am now, is where you can find it.

Below are some stats about infidelity, I put them there because I want everyone to get a feel of how rare it is to find someone that’s going to be faithful and touch you mentally, spiritually and sexually on every level. Satisfy you to the point where you have no eyes for anyone else.

I believe in everything I say and I always will. For awhile I thought I was close to getting married, I thought that I’d met someone I could love and it wasn’t that. But I’m not hurt, I’m excited… because if I could get that excited and into her and she wasn’t for me. I can just imagine what I will be like for someone that is for me!

All of the stats below are related to married couples….

50% of married couples get divorced

50% of women have extramarital affairs

60% of men have them

57% of people have used the internet to flirt

38% of people have used the internet to engage in explicit online conversation

50% of people have chatted on the phone with someone they first met online

31% of people have had online conversations that eventually led to in-person sex

Knowing all that, knowing that 80% of marriages have at least one person that’s cheating, I still want to get married. Not only do I want to get married but I feel like my future wife is going to complete me; is going to save me.


I very much believe those numbers above, I work with all older men and most of them cheat, I get messages from married women or women in relationships all the time. Most of them simply want someone to talk to and talking usually leads to other things. It’s the nature of being a writer, people trust your words, they admire your intelligence and passion. I don’t fault them though.

They have to live with the lives they’ve created for themselves. I know in my heart that when I get married there will be only one and I think most people feel that way, things happen over the course of time, lives change but marriages always start with good intentions. It’s just up to us to remember those good intentions when the bad times come because they will come sooner or later.

Marriage matters to me because I know in my heart man was created for woman; I know that there is no better feeling then knowing someone loves you with all their heart for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.

Marriage matters because there is still MAGIC and LIFE in seeing the woman you’re crazy about walk down the aisle in the perfect dress with the perfect smile and the perfect setting. We all want to say those vows, to have that moment! No matter how jaded you are or how much someone hurt you, WEDDINGS are and will always be perfect moments in time.

I’m not saying you should get married just for a wedding, that’s probably how a lot of people end up cheating. But I am saying that marriage starts the day I look her in the eye and say, “I do!”

This is going to sound cheesy but when I was writing Walking Down the Aisle I remember sitting up at like 3am and thinking about one of the characters vows. I imagined a certain woman in my mind and what I would say to her if she was holding my hands, ready to say “I do.”

Men don’t have dresses and color schemes picked out, we don’t know what food we’ll serve or who’ll be our groomsman but we do look forward to meeting that perfect woman and having that perfect love story. Some of us are just more articulate than others.

Marriage matters because lives and legacies start with a man and a woman. Our grandparents, they were once two young people in love. Our parents, they were once two people. Either way it all starts with a man and a woman.

Marriage matters because in this life, IN 2011 GOING INTO 2012… we don’t know what tomorrow holds. We don’t know what bank is going to crash or what terrorist is going to attack but we do know that we have the ability to fall in love, to hope and believe that there is someone out there worth wearing a ring for.

Marriage matters to me because I’m a giving guy by nature; I couldn’t write the things I write or say the things I say if I didn’t own up to being that man. I pay for meals when I’m out with pretty women, I move furniture when I know I should tell someone to kick rocks. I do these things because I know they’re preparing me to be a good husband.

Marriage matters because I’ve spend my entire life feeling like it was just me, I have a big loving family. I’ve had an amazing girlfriend, I have homies that will ride or die for me but I’ve always felt empty. Like my life was going to start with my son and my wife. That’s what marriage represents to me.

We all have reasons to be bitter or resentful or to have doubts but that’s natural, that’s practical.

Marriage matters because it’s not practical to love someone to the point of giving your life for theirs. It’s not practical to want to wake up next to the same face over and over until you die. It’s not practical to give up your dinner or water or whatever so that your wife won’t go without. That’s why it’s amazing!

Marriage matters because in my eyes the woman in this star in the relationship, it’s the reason I write about women all the time. It’s the reason I can hold any sort of conversation, it’s because I’m a fan of beauty and sensuality and the nurturing nature. And if a woman can be all that to me by simply going on a date with me.

I can only imagine what she’ll be like in my heart and my eyes standing at the altar with me.

That’s why marriage matters in my eyes. I would hope it matters just as much to whomever should read this. So whatever statistics may say, no matter how many men or women I know that cheat and no matter how many women break my heart I’ll always believe that marriage matters.

One and Only by Adele is the perfect wedding son by the way. I know that much…


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