Why Men Love Women In Dresses…

I’ve often heard women say they love seeing a man work with his hands. Fixing a car, mowing a yard, building a deck on the back porch. Women are just attracted to manly men.


Men are just attracted to womanly women. And what’s the sexiest thing a woman can wear outside of skin and lace? A dress.

When I see a woman in a dress I simply imagine everything from what’s underneath, to is she wearing panties to how her skin feels. There’s something magical about knowing that by unzipping a zipper or button or two that one piece of clothing is falling off.

Dresses are like love songs that are sexy but smooth.

Sundresses, chic 9-5 work dresses, cocktail little black dresses. They all have one thing in common, they belong on perfect thighs and soft ankles.

Pretty fingernails and toenails, collarbones and lips. Dresses just help accent those details and make life better.

My name is Demez and I love women. Especially the ones in dresses!

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