In My Mind… (Explicit Content)

“That feels sooo good babe. Please don’t stop! Please baby don’t stop!” His tongue was warm, his hands hard, his breath on my belly button. At this moment there was nothing in the world that could feel better than this.

“Do you love me?”

He asked me with his lips inches away from the heartbeat of my libido. Rubbing his head I looked out the window at the rain falling harder and harder.

“Is there a word stronger than love?”

The sound of his mouth bringing me pleasure added to my pleasure. The AC was on 75, the fan was blowing overhead but my body was on fire!

“Is… There… A… Stronger word than love baby?”

Pushing him off me, standing him up! Pushing him against the wall and falling to my knees.

“What’s a stronger word than love?” Kissing the same spots he kissed on me. Taking him in my hand and my mouth, the intensity of our moment being matched by the intensity of the rain on the window panes!



He pulled me up, kissing me, our juices on our tongues! Picking me up, my back against the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist. The pulsating thickness fitting inside of me like God created his hardness for my wetness.

“What’s a stronger word than love baby?”

“Hate! I would hate life if you weret in it!”

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