Angelic Nastiness

We’ve all heard of ‘A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets,’ but I don’t think people realize just how meaningful this saying is. As men we’re conditioned to be leaders, providers, strong in the face of adversity. And for most men the only piece of mind they’ll get will be when he’s with his woman.

For all of my romanticisms about women. The pretty skin and thick hair, the perfect accessories and ladylike diction when she speaks, at the core of what I want most is an Angelic Nastiness. A subtle sexual energy that invades my senses whenever I hear from her or see her. It’s the idea that her ladylike tendencies perfectly balance out with her bedroom desires.

Do you know why I write about women so much? Why men write so many love songs? Why CEO’s are willing to marry women with no prenups and risk half of fortunes?

It’s because at the essence of what makes us great is the freaky shit women do. As much as we love you for the children and support and love and care. We love you just as much for the kissing, sucking, swallowing and riding.
Trading in your slacks, heels and blouse for my t-shirt and jolly ranchers of the floor of my office.

Angelic Nastiness is perfection in motion.

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