A Life For A Life…

Standing outside my car, my face itching from a desperately needed shave , lips chapped. My jacket soaked from the rain that was showing no signs of letting up, I watched them.

I didn’t try to hide or blend in. I just leaned against the car, flask in my left pocket, 9 millimeter in my right. Maybe if it wasn’t pouring the people leaving Discovery Green would have noticed my red eyes.

Maybe if they hadn’t been downing margaritas and beers all day they would seen how out of place I was in the black camouflage jacket and steel toe boots.

She hugged his arm as they walked to his car, it wasn’t an urgent walk or run like the people around them. They walked like they were savoring every moment together. Her dress was stuck to her body, every curve showing. Every other step or so his hand would find her back or ass, she’d smile or giggle.

He opened her door first but before they got in they kissed. A hungry kiss, an ‘I can’t wait until we get home kiss.’ When he got in the car they kissed again. He was trying to start the car but it wouldn’t start. I cut the battery cable and fuel line.

He got out and opened the hood of the sedan. I finished the last of the VSOP in the flask and threw it to the ground. Holding the heavy black gun in my right by my side I walked towards him. He was having trouble seeing in the rain, I wasn’t. When I stepped onto the street our eyes met. She put her hand over her mouth and stepped out the car.

He heard her scream and looked up. The gun was a foot away from his face, he didn’t know me but he knew of me.

“You don’t have to do this bro!”

He was scared, the cockiness and vibrato he had the one time I talked to him on the phone was gone. He didn’t know what this was about but she did. She stood in front of him and he let her.

For the first time I saw the ring on her finger. It wasn’t fear in her eyes, it was sadness.

“I’m sorry. You don’t want this! You’ll spend the rest of your life in prison. I’m not worth that!”

She was right, she wasn’t worth it. But the day she took the life of my child so that she could be with another man… She knew her penance was coming.

“A life for a life Manda.”

I pulled the trigger. He fell to the ground. She screamed, people on their way home from a Saturday Funday screamed. She fell to her knees, her purple floral dress covered in a crimson red.

“I life for a life.”

Putting the gun to my head. I smiled, knowing she’d live with this the rest of her life and that I’d finally have peace gave me calm.

I pulled the trigger.

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