All Men and Women Aren’t Created Equal… But Deserving None the Less

I admire the way Dr. King, Jesus and Socrates looked at the world. The saw the best in everyone, thought that everyone was equal from birth. And if you look at the world in a broad sense they were right. We all deserve basic rights.



Freedom of Religion and Speech.

The idea that a 14 year old girl can be gunned down on a bus for wanting an education isn’t logical or human. But today on this beautiful Friday in Houston, Texas I’m not talking about basic human rights.

I’m writing about the women that men fall for, the women that deserve my time, money, respect, patience, love, tongue, lips, smile and most importantly my words. All women just aren’t created equal and the truth is everyone knows it but sometimes it’s just not politically correct to say it. If you’re pretty as hell, work at a job that you love, have no children or maybe one that’s cute as hell and you are just interesting in a lot of ways… You’re simply going to get a better grade of courtship than the extremely loud and ghetto girl that feels the world has screwed her over. Or the single chick that refuses to fix herself up because she’s not going to let men “dictate” how she looks. All women aren’t equal and if you’re a woman reading this…

All men aren’t equal either.

I know plenty… PLENTY… of men that are more than willing to sit back and not just let a woman lead but let a woman dictate everything from what he wears to how much money he gets for beer and Madden. Guys that live at home and could care less about moving out, in their eyes why move when I could just stay with mom until I find a woman to move in with?

Those men are not my equal and I wouldn’t even insult myself or women by pretending that they are.

I want you all reading to get a full understanding of what I’m saying, there is nothing the matter with working at Popeyes or sweeping floors or digging ditches. A hard day’s work is a hard day’s work but the problem comes in when that man can no longer see a future for himself. When he starts to work to pay bills and all his dreams and hopes die at that 9-5 he hates going to. When his mood darkens and his regrets way on him in a way that’s almost suicidal. Once a man gets to that level what woman wants to deal with that? What woman wants to save him, give him hope and then help him rise from the ashes like a Phoenix? Are you that woman? That’s why it’s so important to know who you are before you try and build something with someone else.

It’s no different with women. Women with kids have to be more impressive than women without children. A woman that’s 26, living paycheck to paycheck, no attachments, living her life away at happy hours and going to New Orleans or Austin twice a month. She can do that, she can be irresponsible and sexy and free. She won’t be judged. But be the woman with the children staying with your mother every weekend while you get some “me” time. The ones that constantly blame all your issues and troubles on the father of that child you resent. You will be judged, by most men you meet. And most men won’t want anything past your body because you’ve put that out there. The more baggage you have, the more you need to bring to the table. It’s really that simple. Not just financially because no decent guy will ask anything of you financially. But mentally, spiritually, intellectually you have to just impress. You having a child doesn’t mean anything negative, you could have been married and happy and the guy just screwed up. But life is life and it isn’t fair.

Lastly, not all men and women are Kings and Queens. You have Court Jesters, Soldiers, Workers, Farmers, Peasants and etc… The moment we realize that expecting a man that only wants to fix cars and watch football and drink a cold beer to want to own his own shop or be the manager is the moment you’ll find happiness. The same goes for men. If a woman has no desire to sit in nail shops or hair salons or wear pretty panties and bras, then why would I or any man ask that of her? She is who she is and I can either love that or step back so another man can. Some men and women will just be more impressive than others. I can talk to anyone or write about anything from Eastern European History to the impact of reality television on our youth’s mindset. But I can’t fix a sink if it breaks, I can’t hunt deer or fish if the lights go out and we have to survive. All men won’t move you the same way but that makes them no less cool. And all women won’t inspire me to write novels but that doesn’t mean they can’t send a text that makes me smile. We’re not all equal but we’re all deserving in the right situation.

I’m four days sober today. It may not seem like a lot but when you’ve probably drank everyday most of the year that four days is a lifetime. I have my flaws and they’re deep but I love who I am, flaws, regrets, heartbreaks and all. Make sure you love yourself before you can love anyone else.

Enjoy your weekend and smile… You’re here baby! You’re living!

One thought on “All Men and Women Aren’t Created Equal… But Deserving None the Less

  1. Reblogged this on demezw and commented:

    All men and women are not the same, they will touch us in different ways. Some will be replaceable in days, some it may take years. Just know what you have when you have it.

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