Bands A Make Her Dance…

I really don’t remember when we became a generation where strippers became idols. Maybe it’s Twitter and FB or maybe it was the evolution of the video girl but either way it’s not real life.

No matter how much money guys trick at the strip club or how many likes a half naked pic gets on FB or Instagram guys still prefer the love and admiration from a woman that not everyone has seen naked.

As men we work to put the wife and kids in the suburbs with the good schools and annoying neighborhood civic associations. Putting a ring on a good girls finger will always out way blowing a couple hundred on a big booty chick. And getting a lap dance from your hard working, glowing fiancée who has no idea what twerking is… Is worth 50 dances a piece from every chick at Dreams. That’s my meaning of Bands A Make Her Dance.

Women are attracted to talent, to personality. It’s why a poet performing at Bambou Lounge on Sunday can pull the baddest chick in the room. It’s why an artist that has a bunch of canvases and a mattress on the floor as his only furniture can get a model. So that broke guy with the 300 dollar pawn shop engagement ring will get way better sex than the hedge fund manager that’s a little boring because there’s no substitute for chemistry.

And chemistry is what leads to those dances on a Monday night when she’s fresh out the shower. Only in a towel, cuts off Monday Night Football, cues up Beyonce and reminds you why you don’t just love her, but why you’re infatuated with her. Bands A Make Her a freak for only you and knowing that no man will see her like this as long as you’re alive is worth dying for.

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