Cry For the Son You’ll Never Have…

She’s not you…

Those three words attacked my essence, they cut at who I was as a woman.

I’m good enough to fuck!

Good enough to cry to and come home too! I can have his son that this bitch didn’t want to have but “I’m not her!”

They were all looking at me, no one smiling, no one laughing. Their looks were looks of pity, the pretty pregnant girl that should have known he would never stop loving her. The pretty pregnant girl with the flawless ring that meant nothing once she heard, “She’s not you.” He came towards me but the scream that came from the bottom of my soul stopped him in his tracks. He didn’t love me, maybe he never loved me but he loved what I was carrying. Me leaving wouldn’t hurt him, that would be his excuse to be with her. But he could never love her if she was the reason he never saw his sons face… I told him I loved him, kissed the engagement ring I thought meant forever and pushed the knife into my stomach.

If we couldn’t be a family then I wouldn’t be a mother.


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