The Morning We Woke Up In America…

I woke up in a country where women said my body belongs to me and rape is rape.

Where homosexuals and lesbians said stop putting a title on who I am and who I love and just let us live.

Where Latinos stood together and said we came to this country not to steal, destroy and take your resources but to make a better life for ourselves.

I woke up in a country where single women were 19% of the vote because they wanted the world, the country, the 1% to know that they do have a voice and that marriage doesn’t make that voice more powerful.

I woke up in a country where black people stood in lines that were a half mile long in Florida and Ohio, were black people got tired of hearing, “Well they don’t vote anyway,” and we stood up and said… “Yes we do, we can and we will!”

This election has brought out some of the hate and anger and lies that still exist in America. It’s fractured some friendships that will never be repaired. And you know what… That’s a good thing! Because I’d rather look the people in the face that feel a certain way about me than to have them smile in my face thinking they deserve more than me.

The majority of us will never own our own business or make a 100k a year and that doesn’t make us lazy or unmotivated or users. That makes us the working class that help put this nation together.

African slaves built the plantations and dug the oil wells in the south. Asian immigrants built the railroad that sits on the plains and inner cities of America. Latino immigrants till this day work in the fields of our farming industry. At some point we were all immigrants and being used. We are not each others enemy! We are one voice and this morning I am that voice.

The smile on my face and warmth in my heart isn’t just because our candidate won. It’s because we weren’t complacent or complicit in letting a small group of men try to govern one of the most diverse and prosperous countries in the world!

God Bless America!

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