Tuesday Night Thoughts…

So I’m sitting at my desk quite intoxicated. I haven’t looked at any election results or cooked the dinner I defrosted and seasoned. I want to talk about something to night I rarely talk about and that’s the women I’ve dated.

I don’t post pictures of them or mention them by name because they have lives and baby daddies and things going on, I don’t want to claim them and we’re not a couple but they’ve fucked my head up if I’m being honest.

They can say what they want about why we’re no longer talking but the truth is none of them thought I was good enough. Raquel never really wanted me, she liked the idea of me but in her heart she wasn’t willing to love me. She had a baby by an asshole and gave him all the chances in the world but I made one mistake and I was done in her eyes.

KC is KC, I’ll always love that girl but I didn’t make enough money for her and she wasn’t willing to wait. So she chose a moment and bounced. Ash will be the most successful off all the women I’ve dated and she was the same way, she never believed in the writing. She always thought it was a hobby and that I was a dreamer.

There are others, others I loved like Lauren who told me she needed to focus on her career but was in a relationship three months later or Kim who went on vacation and came back with a baby. See people see my writing and think I’m this lonely guy that needs to get out and meet people. I’ve met more women and dated more women than most men will in a lifetime. I’ll fallen hard for more women than I probably should have and I can honestly say none of them ever really loved me.

They loved my passion, my sex drive, my motivation, my willingness to please them and uplift them but they didn’t love me. Erica and I spent her birthday together and Thanksgiving together and a month later she called me and told me she was married.

You see, I’m not this guy that’s all heartbroken and scared to get out there. I’ve been out there, I’ve done it all and more. Vacations, trips, dinners, taking off work for lunches and breakfasts.

Wait… I just got a phone call that said President Obama got a 2nd term. I’m actually happy about that, that means no one will see the ramblings of a drunken heartbroken writer. The country is on the right track people, we will be okay.

Anyway, you all enjoy your night.

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