Mid Day Prayers…

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you today not to ask anything for myself but to pray for the country I love with all my heart. You’ll blessed us with peace, prosperity, resources, freedom and so much more. So when I see the division and hate and fear that’s tearing her apart it breaks my heart.

Only you know what awaits men that have chosen to love other men and women that have chosen to love other women but while they’re here on this earth you created I ask that you give them strength to fight the hate. I ask that you create peace inside the hearts of those that hate them so.

Dear God… I ask today that you heal the disease of racism that’s running rapid. The blacks that hate the whites, the whites that hate the blacks, the hispanics that feel ostracized and neglected; that live in fear of deportation or assault.

I’m praying today that you calm the sexual exploitation of the women I love so much. That you put a sense of value and love and self worth in their heart! That you protect them against those that want to use and abuse them. From the youngest of them to the most mature of them. You didn’t create them for that purpose and I pray they see that.

My family dear God… I won’t be selfish and ask that they live forever but I do ask that you heal them of the pain their feeling. That you allow for the time they do have left to be prosperous and beautiful.

And last but not least I ask that you bless my future wife and give her hope and faith that I’m not only thinking and writing about her but that I’m looking for her.

In Your Darling Son Jesus name.


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