Why Flirting With Married Women Is Fools Gold…

If you read my writing you know I do love my conversations and back and forth with the opposite sex. In some circles otherwise known as flirting. And from my experiences the sexiest and coolest flirters are usually married women.

Putting on my amateur therapist hat I want to say it’s because once you have children and a routine things may get a little stale at home. Husbands stop complimenting as much, the television is on a lot more, if there are kids they are always around. So talking to a guy that only sees the good stuff can be liberating. It reminds her of just how fine she is.

See, the thing is every woman wants to be sexy to someone. Yes, they love being mothers and aunts and business women but they also like the idea of men noticing their ass or hair or the fact that they’ve lost a couple lbs. So when you see the ring on her finger but she’s still smiling and blushing it isn’t because she’s ready to have this great affair. It’s because she’s just happy you noticed. That chemistry you think you feel is fools gold buddy. That’s her nostalgia.

I can’t tell you how many messages I get on FB from lonely married women. They don’t want me; they want my words. They read the statuses and pictures and blog post and they want to know they still have it. They want to talk and flirt with a man and feel as young and fine as they did before the stresses and mundanity of marriage. So for me to feel like I’m special or she really wants me, that’s fools gold.

I’m not there when she’s bloating or cramping or has morning breath. Those are things only husbands can love. I’m not there when those kids are throwing up or tearing shit up, that’s what vows are for. I’m the guy that she can escape reality with. Flirting is mindplay and I promise you it’s not going any further than words here and there. And to expect it to is… Fools Gold.

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