Nice Guys Finish… Where They Want

“Nice guys finish last.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this quote or phrase. Usually from hurt guys. This is just a fraud statement on so many levels.

The thing is, being nice is often equated to being a pushover or weak. And being cool or steadfast in your beliefs is often tied to being cold or mean. These things aren’t exclusive.

You can be a nice guy and be good to the women you encounter without being perceived as weak. You can open doors and pay for meals and buy flowers without being the guy that she kisses on the cheek goodnight. Being nice isn’t being soft spoken or timid, being nice is being respectful and waiting until she gives you a reason not to be nice to her.

I can be a mean guy. I can be cold and quiet and despondent but I’m never that person just because. I’ll be 30 in a couple months, I’m over molding who I am to impress a woman. My clothes fit, I’m well spoken, I write and compliment the small things. If I meet a woman that feels I’m “too nice” because of these things. She just isn’t the one for me.

So if you’re a guy and reading this. You aren’t losing because you’re “nice.” You’re losing because you aren’t being yourself.

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