What I Want In A Wife

pofI should have entitled this, “What I need in a wife,” because that’s just how strongly I feel about this. See, lately I’ve been writing about how I’m turning 30 soon and that’s because I feel like it’s a landmark age. I’ve been careful not to marry the wrong woman, not to have children with the wrong woman, I’ve done these things because I believe very strongly that my destiny is tied to loving and building with the right woman.

So these are some things I want in a wife. Other men may have their own desires but these are strictly speaking for me.

A woman that loves herself more than anyone else does. I want her to not need me to tell her she’s beautiful or smart or worth all the love and attention I’m giving her. I need her to accept my affections knowing that she’s worth my affections.

A woman that has faith in our God. I don’t need her to love her bible or her preacher or her church. I want her to love her faith, to treat people like she’s want them to treat our children. I want her to pray with me, to hold my hand and pray that we’re living in the purpose God has created for us. When I was young my girlfriend at the time told me we never grew together in our faith and that pushed her away. It took me a long time to understand that; now I do. Now I’m looking forward to that spiritual foundation.

A woman that’s proud of me, that’s not ashamed to claim to me. I put a lot of myself in my blog, a lot of emotion and fears and desires. I will have no problem telling the world I love her and I need for her to do the same. I’ll hold her hand and face every enemy and problem and demon with her with no regard for what happens to me and if I’m willing to lay down my life and soul for her. I need her to do that for me.

I want to marry a woman that loves to read, that loves to talk. I’m a talker, I always have been. We can talk about whatever, just give me the conversation I crave. I want my wife to laugh with me, to argue with me, to cry with me, to share her mind with me.

A woman that’s passionate about something! It could be doing hair or accounting or working out but a woman that has her own identity.

I want to marry a woman that loves being sexy. That gets aroused when she sees me looking at her. I want my wife to be just as into me on our wedding night as she was on the first night we made love.

A woman that’s adventurous, whether it’s rock climbing or fishing or having sex in a parking lot on Christmas Even because we just couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.

I want to marry a woman that loves fashion, that tries on three different outfits before she goes to work in the morning. That would never walk out the house in a shower cap or bathrobe, a woman that gets upset with a chipped nail or because she just curled her hair and all the curls fell. I love women that liked being women, that like being sensual. I want my wife to text and email me pictures of outfits she’s found online and ask my opinion. To come home with shoes she know she doesn’t need and know even though I’ll pretend I’m mad, I just want to see her pretty ass model them.

I want to marry a woman that understands how much I love my writing. That looks at me sitting at my laptop struggling to find the words and sits on my lap and kisses me and tells me everything will be okay. Just breathe and write and make sense of it later.

I want to marry a woman that wants to have my son just as much as I want her to have him.

I want to marry a woman that wants our little girl to be in Gerber commercials and to have so many baby clothes that when she gives them away tags are still on them. I can’t wait to brag about my beautiful wife and daughter and I want her to take bride in that.

Let’s go jogging and play tennis.

Let’s go to concerts and tailgate at Texans games.

I want a wife that’s happy. That’s happy because more than anything all I want is for her to be happy.






6 thoughts on “What I Want In A Wife

  1. It sounds like you are lookin gfor Barbie, more than a real life wife… remember that beauty is only skin deep. There are absolutely gorgeous women out there who DONT change outfits 3 times before work because they ARE confident already, and some that dont do their nails, or anything special to their hair. I think you will grow to love someone because of a special connection and bond…

  2. I can agree with the previous post but I believe there is nothing wrong with wanting the fairy tale. As I writer, I believe your aim was to present your desires. However, as a practical man I am certain you’re well aware of the give and take in relationahips. The trade off of letting on of this in exchange of that.
    I hope you find her!

    Keep pouring out….

  3. These are good thoughts, desires, and practical. I can dig it because I could say the same for what I want in a man. Might be reaching, but hey u are attracted to…what u are attracted to.

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