The crosses I bear do not define me but strengthen me…

There are nights when I don’t know if I’m strong enough.

There are nights when my fears and insecurities far outweigh my strengths.The crosses I bear do not define me but strengthen me. They do not hold me down but they give me the courage I need to keep walking. Because if Jesus could walk with a cross on his back to die for our sins… What complaints shall I have? What should I fear when I know it’s in me to be strong enough?

Pain and hate have a way of eating at you, those feelings have a way of tearing at the core of what makes us likeable and loveable and spontaneous. There are moments that I wonder if I’ll make it, if I’ll survive.

Not physically necessarily but giving up on my dreams to be more than just another statistic. More than just another guy trying to make it.

I want to make my grandparents proud before their time comes.

I want my mother to be comfortable.

I want my wife and children to never want for anything even though they aren’t even in my life yet.

I carry these burdens and crosses because it’s the only way I know how. Pride may come before the fall but I guarantee you I will not fall! I will not give up nor retreat! I will become successful, holding my shield up for the world to see or be carried away to God on that shield.

The crosses I bear do not define me, they do not weaken me, but they strengthen me.

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