Love is War Passion Pleasure Pain and Fear…

Couple holding handsLove is War

Love is war because love is fighting for what you want. Fighting for what you believe will make you happy. Fighting for that woman that will change your life for the better. War isn’t sexy or romantic or sweet. War leaves wounds and scratches and causes nightmares and there’s no graceful defeat if you lose because to lose means to have your heart ripped out. Love is war and love is worth the price of war!

Love is Passion

Love is cold wine and hot sex. Love is arguments that seem some intense and serious but only lead to sex on the couch and pallets on the living room floor. Love is jealousy and insecurity because you don’t think it’s possible for someone to be as passionate about you as you are about them. Love is watching her cry and wanting to absorb that pain so that she never feels it again. Love is passion and passion is violent and sexy and gives us life!

Love is Pleasure

Love is the feeling of her legs wrapped around your legs on a rainy Saturday morning. Love is that sensation you feel before you place yourself inside of her. Love is her skin moist from just getting out of the shower. Love is her heart racing because your tongue is racing. Love is hard nipples and goosebumps. Love is wet lips and wet spots. Love is explicit good morning text and panties in her purse. Love is pleasure and pleasure is addictive.

Love is Pain

Love is not being able to eat when she doesn’t answer your phone calls. Love is a pounding headache when she’s mad at you for not bringing her something to eat because she’s cramping. Love is that moment of emptiness when you’re inches away from her but she doesn’t want you to kiss her. Love is pain because true love affects not just our heart but our physical being.

Love is Fear

Love is wanting her so much that you’re afraid everytime you talk to her will be the last time. Love is seeing her talk to another man, smile at another man, laugh with another man and wanting to destroy him! To make his life a living hell just because he’s getting some of her. Love is her telling you she needs space and you fearing the worst. Love is crying in the dark because you know she doesn’t love you like you love her and that fear is tearing at your essence. Love is being scared that you can’t please her, that can’t give her what she had before you or what she desires. Love is fear and fear makes us work that much harder for the love we crave.

Love is a lot of things but most importantly love is worth all those things because to be single, to be without that feeling of love…. It allows you to appreciate everything that comes with it, all the emotions, all the passions, all the fears and tears.

I love the idea of love because I’ve loved and lost and realize how much better than made me.



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