My Heart…

My heart beats faster when I know you’re on the other end of the phone.

My heart beats louder when I know your lips are about to touch mines.

My heart is heavier when I know you’re hurting, when I know you’re sad.

My heart skips a beat every time you’re close to me, your presence makes life better, your being in my space makes me live a second or minute or hour longer. You add years to my life. Maybe that’s not scientific but I know it to be true.

My heart stops beating when you’re mad at me, when you hate me, when you don’t talk to me.

My heart slows that moment before you get undressed, that moment before I slide inside of you.

My heart wasn’t really functioning all the way before I met you; it was simply giving me life. Now it’s giving me LIFE!

My heart is your heart, it’s yours to control. There’s so much of me that is tied to you, I wake up thinking is God playing a game with me? Why did he tie my heart to your happiness? Why is my heart beat connected to your soul?

My heart is your heart.

My life…

There was no life before you.

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