All I Want For Christmas…

fancy boxWatching her work the candy cane, in-between her lips, rubbing it from the edge of her breast to right below her belly button. I honestly didn’t know where she got the energy, we’d been to two parties and wrapped at least fifty gifts. Walking out the bedroom seeing her sitting on the edge of the kitchen table my mouth dropped.

Red lace bra and panties, red heels, red thigh high stockings and a Santa hat. One candy cane was in her hand and one was sitting between her legs. I leaned against the counter and took it all in.

“So it’s officially Christmas, do you want your gift now?


She stood on top of the table and kicked everything on the floor. Wrapping paper, tape, it all went flying.

“Hit play for me.” Her iPod was hooked up to the dock in the kitchen. I pressed play.

“Come sit down and don’t move!”

Imma take this time to show you how much you mean to me
‘Cause you are all I need
No money can emphasize or describe the love that’s in between the lines
Boy look into my eyes
When I’m grinding on you, this is beyond sex
Boy I’m high on you, and if it’s real
Then you know how I feel
Rocking on you, babe, rocking, rocking, on you, babe
Swirling on you, babe,
In my mind all I can think about is a frame for our future
And the pictures of the past,
And a chance to make this love last, oh, oh

I once read that you learn something new every day. Well, today I was learning that my girlfriend must have been a stripper in a former life because she was standing on our kitchen table moving like I was throwing hundreds. Playing with the candy cane in her mouth.

She fell to her knees on the table and started grinding and moving like her body was connected to the rhythm. Never taking her eyes away from me, I squeezed the candy cane in my hand so hard it broke, she laughed and sat on the table. Her legs open and the peppermint tapping what was hiding inside her lace cheekies.

“You sure you want your Christmas gift now?” I smiled and shook my head yes.

“We’re going to play a little game, it’s called follow the leader. Wherever I put this candy cane you have to put your tongue there. And if you play the game right, wherever you put your tongue… you get to put your candy cane. And I promise I’ll only suck, no biting.”

Tonight I’m gonna dance for you, oh-oh
Tonight I’m gonna dance for you, oh-oh
Tonight I’m gonna put my body on your body
Boy I like it when you watch me, ah
Tonight it’s going down
I’ll be rocking on my babe, rocking, rocking on my babe,
I’ll be swirlin’ on my babe, swirlin’, swirlin’ on you babe
I’m gonna put my body on your body
Promise not to tell nobody
‘Cause it’s about to go down!

Watching her pull her panties to the side and slide the candy cane in all I could do was bite my lip and thank Santa Clause. This was going to be a great Christmas.

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