Pray For Me…

“Do you pray for me?” It’s a simple question I use to ask the women I loved or dated. For some reason knowing someone was worrying about my spiritual well being brought me comfort.

There are moments when I honestly get tired of pretending that everyday is easy or cool. That’s just not how life works for me, sure, I believe that everyday is a blessing and a gift but that doesn’t mean there aren’t days where life sort of beats you down. And during those days I do ask the question, “Is she still praying for me?” She isn’t singular but plural. There has to be someone praying for me for me to get past my own fears and insecurities.

If there’s on thing I try to do in my writing it’s be honest. I know there are probably people that read the words and think they aren’t genuine or “I wish he shuts up about women,” but to do that wouldn’t be true to thineself. I honestly believe that men grow stronger in their faith when there’s a woman looking out for him.

As confident and strong as I am, as smart and kind hearted at times there are moments where all I wanted was to give up. I didn’t feel like fighting anymore, the tears were falling and the alcohol seemed like my best friend. And I can’t explain it but during that time someone or something saved me. And I heard their voices in my head, “Yes, I still pray for you.” And in those moments I found the strength to be the man I’m destined to be.

My point is… never stop praying for people even if you stop talking to them because you never know how much they need your prayers.

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