Expectations and Life…

385448_213663785373354_118911191515281_532154_1408080341_nThere are often times when I wondered why God hasn’t given me the wife and son I desired so much and then blessings or opportunities happen and I sit back and laugh at my own naivety. He did give me the wife I want, those are my novels and short stories. He has given me the son I craved, those are the scripts that will be on movie screens or television series in the next year or so. Sometimes I’ve been so busy looking for the forest that I didn’t see the trees.

Opportunities don’t fall out of the sky; we create them with hard work, with faith, with support and with our God given abilities! There’s the moments you feel down, the times you feel let down and the times you’ll be beaten down but all of those only lead to feeling that much more redeemed when success happens.

Expectations are a tricky thing, they sort of sneak up on you before you know it. One minute you’re talking about what you want and the next minute you’re living it. I remember when I used to write for Facebook likes and I’m not being funny by the way. I would write a story, tag several people and when someone would like it or comment on it I’d feel like I’d just won the Pulitzer Prize. Those were simpler days…

Now I have all these people that need me to write for them and they need it to be great! They’ve invested business plans, money, time, energy and their all into success and my writing is the last cog in the wheel. They know what they want, now they need my writing to sell it. I adore those expectations but I also fear them. And what I’ve learned is that fear is a great motivating tool, especially the fear of regressing. I’m literally a couple pages away from seeing my name in film credits, in TV credits, you know how cool that feels? But to be this close and it not to happen, that would hurt worse than the worst heartbreak I could imagine. So I’ll make sure the writing is everything it has to be and more!

These past couple of years have taught me that business is just business, there are no friendships or honor in the career I’ve chosen. Because in the end and there will aways be an end, money trumps all. Egos, arrogance, reputation, checks, they break any perceived friendships and I’ve come to accept that.

In my mind, I have accepted the fact that I will be a great writer.

With great expectations comes great responsibility and I will SMASH both!

2010 was the foundation.

2011 was the introduction.

2012 was a lot of lessons.

2013 will be the start of the evolution.

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