10 Things Women Do That Baffle the Logical Man…


10 Things Women Do That Baffle the Logical Man…


10- What’s the point of calling a man to tell him, “You don’t call me enough; I don’t want to talk to you anymore?” If I’m not mistaken, he wasn’t calling or talking to you anyway, so why the forty five minute conversation about how you’re moving on with your life or dating another guy?

9- Why do women take phone calls or text men back that they have no interest in? You know he likes you, you know even if you put him in the friend zone he’s not going to act right so what do you get out of stringing him along? The guy that you’re dating is going to get annoyed at this lame guy that keeps blowing you up and the guy that’s blowing you up has a little bit of hope with every phone call.

8- At what point is it okay to admit that you’re lonely? Can you be 25, 28, 32… still claiming that “You don’t need a man and you’re good sleeping in that cold and lonely bed alone 347 days out the year? No one is going to judge you for saying that you’d like the company of a like minded man. No one is going to say you’re weak for missing belly button kisses and ass rubs when it’s too cold to get out the bed at 3am to go pee.

7- Why is it cool to order food at a restaurant that you would never order on your own? Like I take you to Morton’s and you order a 100 dollar meal knowing that the most you’d spend alone is 36 dollars? If it’s just because you’re fine, admit it.

6- Why do women wear shoes that kill their feet even if their cute?

5- Why post a picture on FB in something that screams, “I’m sexy as hell!!!!!” But get mad when men comment about how you look. If you want them to comment on your mind, write a note.

4- Why do women always say the meanest things when you hurt them but want to stay on the phone or in the car or in the room? You just called me the worst things possible, can’t I leave and be mad for a minute?

3- Why is it cool for big girls to knock little girls but it’s not cool for little girls to knock big chicks? Men want to know?

2- Who decided that being fake gay was cool?

1- If I asked you out of for your number and it went nowhere why in the world isn’t it okay for me to ask out your friend? We never kissed or hugged or connected emotionally? Nothing about what we had is even worth mentioning in the cliff notes version of our lives. So if I think someone that you know is cool, why in the world am I the worst guy ever for trying to pursue that? Men want to know….

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