Five Things Women Do That Make Guys Crazy… (In A Good Way)

a couple prayThese five tidbits of information are strictly from my experiences. I’m positive every man doesn’t feel the same way, I’m sure every woman doesn’t take pleasure in doing the things on this list. But none of them are vulgar or weird, it’s Friday and the other day I wrote ten things that women do that baffle men so this is balancing that blog out. Good Morning!!!!!!! By the way! It’s Friday and beautiful and let’s get it!

Five– Men love sex, this isn’t up for debate, but what I can tell you from firsthand knowledge is that men love “She’s only doing this for me,” sex waaaaaaay more. Look, some women are naturally deceptive and charming, she’ll have you thinking you’re the only one when she has a husband or five other men but that’s not most women. Most women may have had their fair share of men but even with that there’s only certain places they were willing to go with those men. The really freaky stuff, the showing up in trench coats and lingerie, the Friday night, “in a booth,” kinkiness… Every guy isn’t getting that and when we do, especially from a woman that’s our equal or better than us. We go crazy!

Four– Do you know there are alternatives to going out to dinner or having someone come to your home? Dating in the 21st century is weird because everyone is skeptical but the thing is it won’t hurt you to be thoughtful or creative. When a woman cooks for me you know what I’m thinking… She went to the grocery store, she prepared the food, she cooked the food. She took time that could have been used doing a dozen other thing for me. That’s unusual these days and let’s say she asks to meet me in a parking lot and gives me the food in Tupperware or wrapped in foil. I’m going to appreciate that effort to no end! Men go crazy for those sorts of gestures!   

Three- As much as women think that men aren’t aware of how much beauty cost or what it takes to maintain and groom, we do. The last woman I dated, she spent around 200 to get her hair fixed, pedicures and manicures were around 80, waxing and eyebrows, going to the gym, lingerie. Being sexy and put together isn’t cheap and it’s time consuming. So if we have a date on Friday night I’m aware of how much she had to go thru between Thursday after work and today. Knowing she put all this effort into wanting to look good for me, knowing she could have put off getting her hair done to the first or did her own nails but chose not too because she realizes how much I love seeing her this way. We go crazy for that!

Two– I don’t know how many men this will apply to but it applies to me. I love writing and reading and I love when I can incorporate the two with a pretty woman. Everything these days is short hand, quick responses, everyone is in a hurry. When I get a notification on my phone and it’s a well written email about her day or a FB message even though she could have easily called me I smile. It takes time and thought to write out your thoughts. It’s energy that’s positive and sweet. There’s a certain amount of caring that’s attached to that. I got crazy for that!

One– Picture text and not just the freak ones. But at her desk, in the bathroom, driving to work. Pictures that she’s not sharing with Instagram or Twitter or Facebook; pictures she took with me and only me in mind. Guys aren’t stupid, I’m not going to ask you for a freaky pic at 10am and you send me four in a row. You didn’t take those for me, I may enjoy them but so did some other guy. I’d rather have the pic of you “as is” and know you took it with me in mind. Men go crazy for that!

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