Why Men Love Mentally Stimulating Women

156962_10150323498710174_881165173_16061373_5591716_nOne- Random conversations; with technology at an all time high. FB chat, BB chat, Google chat, email, texting, messaging, the days of talking to someone on the phone often are becoming a thing of the past. So the concept of having a real hour long mentally stimulating conversation is maybe one of the sexiest things ever. When I hang up the phone my mind is just open because of her voice, her intelligence, her ability to absorb information and react. Yes… Phone conversations about politics, religion, life, love, real life issues can be so cool with the right smart woman.

Two- Natural Charm; charm is by far one of the most overlooked qualities on a woman. It often gets confused with flirting but it’s not even close. You can teach someone how to flirt but you can’t teach charm. Intelligent women usually have this natural ability to make you smile because they have the sense to know what works. If a man is mad she knows a joke to tell, if he’s sad she knows the right words to make him happy. Being able to recognize a problem and fix it in a manner of minutes isn’t something a basic chick can do.

Three- Situation and Circumstance; I’ve met so many women that carry themselves so ladylike, so elegantly and once I get to know them. Once we get comfortable, it’s all Jay Z, lets get drunk, what’s up homie… See intelligence isn’t always being prim and proper, a lot of times it’s about knowing when to be prim and proper. If I take her to my brother’s house for a fight and we’re drinking and talking noise, having a good time. She’s not setting the party off if she starts to talk about the mortgage prices or our Senate’s inability to get anything passed. By her seeing the crowd and seeing what everyone is about and adapting to that situation, she just showcased that beautiful brain of hers.

Four- Makes Date Nights Amazing; Have you ever tried to take someone that didn’t like history to a museum, it is just a waste of time. Talking about Plato or Caesar or Picasso to a woman that wants nothing to do with it. It’s not her fault she has no interest in history but when you take culture out of a relationship or date it becomes a bunch of drinking and reality show talk. I like exhibits and walking from restaurant to restaurant on a Sunday in City Centre drinking and talking about art. Not even in a geeky way but in a relaxing, calm way. Artists have the most interesting background stories and they make for perfect conversations.

Five- I’m a Freaking Writer!!!!; I write almost everyday of my life so the idea of having a woman that likes to read and give real feedback and make real corrections is so appealing to me. Women often mistake blind co-signing or random negative feedback for FEEDBACK… But real feedback is different, it just has a different vibe. Like I know she read it and I her opinions just make sense because she can explain herself and articulate herself.

At the end of the day beautiful women are everywhere and if you have charm or money or looks you can get one easy. Hell, lame guys can luck up on a fine woman. But you can’t luck up on a woman that’s an intellectual superstar because she just expects more, she just wants more.



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