Would You Believe Me?

There are no words to describe the depths of my desire…

If I told you that I went to sleep every night with thoughts of you on my mind would you believe me? If I told you memories of kisses and hugs still invade my thoughts every time I touch another woman would you believe me?

Your beauty is Helen of Troy.

Your beauty is the perfect verse over the perfect beat.

Your beauty is life and death with your smile being the smoking gun.

I wrote the vows I would recite to you after the first night we met.

I see wedding dresses and can’t help but see you in them.

My mind is perfectly creative and even I can’t put into perfect words what you do to me.

On my 30th birthday I’m at work, sleepy, tired, hungry and motivated. Motivated to be great in this life because I want nothing more than for you to be proud of me. To talk about me, to brag about me, to tell me you love me once more.

Would you believe me if I told you that those other men will say anything to get inside of you but that I’d take a bullet for you without any hesitation? Would you believe me if I told you those other men desire you but I need you. There are no words that describe the depth of my desire but as I writer I’d be a fool not to at least try.

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