Why Valentine’s Day Matters…

fancy boxMy name is Demez White and I can’t stand negative people. I don’t like to be around them, I don’t like to talk to them or date them. Life is too short to hate everything or to be so cynical.

I’m the guy that lives alone and has no children but still decorates for Christmas. I’m the guy that will buy flowers for a first date, pick you up if it’s storming or if it’s late at night and I don’t like the idea of you going to Whataburger alone. And guess what??? I still love the idea of Valentine’s Day no matter how good I treat my “her” every other day of the year.

I’m fully aware that there is a segment of our population that hates everything. Valentine’s Day is commercial, Christmas is about Jesus, not about gifts, Mothers Day is just a Hallmark Holiday, “you should honor your mom every day. I won’t tell those people to shut up because they feel how they feel but I will say this, “Just because you don’t like something, why try and convince everyone else not to like it?” If you’re so happy with your everyday life, why are you putting down other people that take pleasure in something you don’t even care about?

I have one of the most loving families you’ll ever meet. We celebrate birthdays, graduations, have Sunday dinners and care about each other’s feelings. Every year when I did have someone I made sure to go out of my way for her because if I was with her she deserves it. And this idea that “you should do it every day” doesn’t work for me. Because as a man I’m not going to go over the top every day. I can’t go to Crave and get special cupcakes every day; I can’t go to Victoria’s Secret and get special Valentine’s Day tops every day.

So you keep on hating Holidays and life and worrying about what makes other people happy and me and the people like me will just stay in our lane with the people that think like us.

Happy Valentine’s Day or in your case, Happy Thursday.

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