Tricking vs. Investing… Know the Difference

a pink gift boxWhat’s a good investment?

Placing your money or resources into something that will yield a great return. It’s that simple. You put a thousand dollars in a pharmaceutical stock and a year later a new drug comes out and that thousand becomes a million. You invest in a used car dealership a month before tax season and in three months you have a four times what you put in.

Investments are about being smart, there’s no doubting that but they’re also about taking calculated risk. No man wants to feel like a sucker, I don’t care if you make 45k a year or 450k a year. But women more than any stocks or bonds are investments. When you put your time, energy and finances into letting her know she matters you’re maturing that stock hoping it blossoms.

Calling her while she’s getting ready for work when you’re dead tired yourself, buying a Valentines Day gift when you think it’s a made up Holiday, paying a light or water bill when you rarely even go over there. That’s investing in letting her know you’re serious, it’s not tricking. Tricking is spending money knowing she has no interest in you past what you can do for her. Tricking is having no intentions on getting to know her past her body or your ego.

We’ve all heard the quote, “What you won’t do another man will,” and for most men our pride doesn’t allow us to take those words as serious as they should be taken. But those words are basically saying, “If you don’t invest in this woman, you will lose her, and some other man will yield all the returns.” Look, I’ve never had a problem getting women or making them happy, that’s easy. It’s the keeping them and not pushing them away that’s been my problem. Take the advice and invest in a woman that has potential to be a great return.

I’ll give you an example; you put in six months of being a great guy. Of calling, texting, changing oil, buying gas, calling before you come over to see if she needs anything from the grocery store. Paying little bills that say, “I care but I’m not crazy enough to pay your rent or car note,” and watch the collateral you build up. You’re not buying her love or loyalty but you’re investing in her love and loyalty. You lose your job, a loved one dies, someone tries to hurt you… Watch that woman move Heaven and Earth to protect you. She’s doing that because you’ve showed her that she can put her faith in you. You did that by investing in her.

My writing has evolved this past year or so, it’s become about more than sex and pleasure. It’s become about grown men doing what’s necessary to live grown men lives. Conversations between adults isn’t just erotica, but its life, real issues and real love.

The men that have invested in their women will have nothing to worry about this All Star weekend, Brad Pitt could pull up in a Maybach with a dozen roses each wrapped in a hundred dollar bill and though that woman might be tempted she’s going to say, “Brad Pitt wasn’t the one that got me those brake pads or that sit with me at the hospital for 8 hours when my mother was sick.” I joke and make light of things but understand this, when you invest in being a good man, women don’t take that for granted.

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