black passionBiting into her skin, enough pain to bring pleasure but not enough force to bring pain. Her moans gave me life, her wetness only went to pour gasoline on a fire that was far from being extinguished. Looking into her eyes, lust, desire, fear, surprise were what I saw back. “Why did you even bother wearing panties tonight?” Is what I said while I slid them off? “Because it’s more fun this way and why are you taking them off that way, take them off them with your teeth.” I bit her belly button instead and slid my hand up and down her thighs, the goosbumps evident.

“We don’t have a lot of time while you’re trying to make love. I have to get home.” She smiled and pulled her dress up to her waist. “He’s already getting suspicious every since you left that hickey on my ass that I didn’t know about! Put it in so I can cum and I promise we’ll have more time this weekend.” Her promises only lasted as long as her orgasms. Feeling the warmth surround me, pushing in further and harder I wanted her to take the pleasure and pain and soreness back to him. Biting down on her neck, ignoring her scratches on my back I wanted him to see the marks of pleasure. She pulled my face to hers and looked into my eyes, touching herself and putting her finger in my mouth I came deep inside. “I want him to look like you,” she said even though I wasn’t even sure she would know who the father was, me, or her husband.

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