Faith Derives from Doubt… Happiness Grow out of Fear

432174_307850075941522_365267370_nThere isn’t one time that I’ve sit down to write and haven’t been afraid, had doubts. Is it good enough, am I good enough, will people read it? There isn’t a day that I don’t wonder if my faith has let me down, there have been days where I lost faith. In those moments of self doubt and fear I was ashamed but I didn’t let that insecurity break me because I knew that for every inch of faith I lost I would gain a mile back with hard work and making myself a better man. My happy hasn’t come full circle yet but I have no doubt it will because I’m setting myself up for that. Faith without works is like a car without gasoline.

Anyone can look you in the eyes and tell you they have never been afraid, scared, either they’re lying or they’ve never really loved anything or anyone. Faith is having a belief in a dream, an idea that’s unproven, unfounded, unseen but you just know. You feel it in your heart that everything will be alright no matter how afraid you get. It’s okay to be scared, to have doubts, to go to sleep and not be certain about what tomorrow holds. That just means you’re human and when you do succeed the pleasure of that success will be that much sweeter. There aren’t better joys in the world than loving and being loved back, then caring and knowing they care about you. Then having faith in yourself smiling because she has just as much faith in you.

Are you afraid of failing, of not living up to your potential? You should be. Are you afraid of settling for a man or woman that you know you could never give your all to? You should be. True happiness comes from the fear of that happiness being snatched away from you! Have you ever stayed late at work when you had plans because you wanted to make a good impression? Have you ever said no to those brownies and ate grapes instead? As a man I want success and health for myself but I more so want it because I want to be happy and the doubt of not being successful scares me more than I can put into words. And it should scare you to… That fear should motivate you and motivation is a sister to happiness.

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