Save A Ho Tendencies… Are You Saving Her For Herself or For You?


As men we’re conditioned to want to save women. You see a woman with a flat tire you pull over to help her change it. You see your mother or aunt’s car is dirty, you wash it. What do women do when they need a battery changed or there’s jar that needs to be opened? They call and we come running. We’re conditioned to save the day but every situation doesn’t require saving and everyone doesn’t need to be saved.

Life isn’t a James Bond movie where she gets kidnapped by the bad guy and you have sex while shooting one gun 23 times without ever reloading. Life isn’t a romantic comedy where you are a loser your whole life and you take the most beautiful woman in the room from the most powerful man in the room. In the real world not every woman wants to me saved from a bad situation and not all of them need to be saved. You don’t think she knows she can do better, you don’t think she knows you’ll treat her or introduce her to a whole other life. Of course she does, but she’s happy, so why are you trying to save someone that’s happy?

I once sent this woman a FB message telling her that she didn’t have to show her ass and arch her back in every picture she took. That she was better than that and all those guys that were liking it and saying thirsty things to her were doing it because she was putting herself out there like that. You know what she told me? “I like the attention and why are you worried about it. I’m not your woman.” In that moment I felt like such a simp but it was also eye opening because in that moment I realized most of these women aren’t exploited or victims, they want to seen as sexual objects. So who am I to stop them?

The worst form of “save a ho” syndrome is the when you start acting like her man when you’re just a friend or a side guy. And before people read this and get all holier than now on me, women do have men on the side, probably more than you know. But see, this is the thing, you can’t save her if you’re helping her be a ho. Creeping after work with her and then telling her how she deserves better. A real friend would accept that she likes being on the wild side, not try and handcuff her. When she’s tired of living the life, she’ll stop and as long as she’s not living dangerously who’s she hurting? When trying to save a ho the only thing you’re doing is hurting your wallet or faith in women.  

2 thoughts on “Save A Ho Tendencies… Are You Saving Her For Herself or For You?

  1. I don’t know how old you are (you seem young), but I am SURE that you have the wisdom of a 70 year old. Now if the younger generation would just listen to advise like this.

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