5 Steps to Turn Your Woman’s Bad Day Into A Perfect Day

a pink gift box All women have bad days, some are simply days where she feels down or tired, others are truly bad days. Someone she loves gets sick, her boss tells her they’re downsizing, she tries to put on her favorite pair of pants and they are so tight she can barely breathe so she’s forced to hang them back up and vow vengeance against all sweets and hit the gym.

Regardless of the reason for her sadness it’s up to you as her man to fix it.

So here is a five step process I’ve only done once in my life for someone but in my mind a million times. I’m going to go with my preferences and what I’d think she’d like, some things can be substituted depending on the woman you’re with.

Five- Let her vent, a lot of women get leery of always feeling like they’re complaining so they may want to hold it in. Let her know you’re there to listen, that you care about how she’s feeling. Let her text her heart away and call you and curse out whoever is the cause of this bad day. Don’t try to give this great and reasonable advice, just listen and let her know you haven’t put the phone on mute or are getting bored. The more she talks and lets it out the better she’ll feel.

Four- Depending on the time of day and the woman that she is send her lunch. A pizza, a salad, Chinese, there’s always places by her job that deliver. It just takes a little time. If this happens past lunch, don’t sweat it. Send her flowers or a gift certificate to her favorite dessert place. We live in an age where technology makes life so convenient. You can get a gift certificate from anywhere with the click of a mouse or smart phone and a credit card. No matter how bad her day is going that small gesture will let her know at least one person is in her corner.

Three- You have to know your “her” and take advantage of what it is she loves. If she’s a workout woman, buy her some new running shoes and hit the track with her. Go to the gym and bet her she can’t beat your calorie burns on the elliptical. If she’s a drinker, find a happy hour that’s new and hip, somewhere she’s never been but you know she’ll love. Or maybe she’s just one of those, “When I get off work I want to take a shower and sit on the couch women.” Cool, buy her a couple of magazines and a bunch of candy. Know your “her,” and adapt to what makes her smile.

Two- In my ten years of dating and my four years of dating as a man that understands women a little better than most I’ve come to the realization that women love food. I’ve personally never met one that didn’t. Some eat a lot more than others, some have way better pallets than others but they all love a good meal. If she’s the type that loves going out, text her right before she leaves work and tell her you’re coming to get her at 8 for dinner. If she’s the no going out on work nights type, bring the dinner to her. Even women that love cooking hate doing dishes and even if you’re a man that likes to cook she’ll still appreciate the effort. They don’t call them foodgasms for nothing.

One- Take control of the situation. If she’s so depressed that none of the other things work just pick her up, sit her on your lap and tell her that everything will be alright. Don’t be the guy that walks in the other room while she’s in the bedroom sleeping and crying. Don’t be the guy that goes home because you did all these romantic gestures and she’s still mad or sad, it’s not always about us. Inconsistency scares the hell out of women and if you can’t be strong when she needs you for a small crisis, what do you think she’s thinking if some real shit jumps off?

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