Vowing to Love Yourself

381362_610561693495_118401058_31642797_1750460711_n I’ve often wondered what it would be like to stand in front of God and the people I love and recite vows to the woman that will have my children and help me build a life. I’ve written vows in my writing, I’ve thought about it when I was in love or watched 27 Dresses or the Best Man. For a man that’s so good with words, what would be the perfect words to say on that day if or when that day comes?

The truth is it doesn’t matter how much you love someone else if you don’t love yourself. The best thing we can do is look in the mirror and recite vows to ourselves. I vow to respect myself and my body, I vow to love, honor and cherish my mind, heart and spirit. I vow to not give into the temptation of the flesh unless there is true and sincere love attached. I vow to do everything possible to become the sort of man I would want my sisters or cousins or daughters to marry. With these vows I live and die. Making a covenant with ourselves instills a sense of pride in us, a sense of peace that you can’t have if you don’t love yourself. How can I love and honor and expect to be the head of a house, how can I ask a woman to love me like God loves the church if I’m not the man that I need to be? The answer to that question is: I can’t.

Vow to be the person that doesn’t feel guilty the moments after you make love to someone.

Vow to be the person that can do a good deed out the kindness of your heart and you won’t have people question your motives.

Vow to smile more today than you did yesterday.

Life is too short to waste your time wasting time. Spending time with people you don’t want, having sex and relationships and building trust with people you can never see yourself marrying? What purpose does that serve? When you do things like that, when we do things like that… All we’re doing is breaking the vows that we make with ourselves. You deserve to be happy and how can you be happy if you know in your heart the love that share with a good person isn’t true? Don’t feel guilty. Just because someone has God in their heart or treats you great doesn’t mean they’re right for you. Vow to not settle and to recognize your worth.

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