“A Sisters Revenge”

381362_610561693495_118401058_31642797_1750460711_n It’s amazing what people don’t see when someone is making you smile. He kept pulling his hair from his face so she could see his eyes. He never touched her or made any aggressive moves, he let the bartender bring the drinks and gave nice tips each time she walked away. As far as she was concerned he was the perfect gentleman. Funny, handsome, charmingly aggressive. But what she didn’t see, what none of the women saw was the small white powder he slipped in the 3rd drink. 30 minutes would go by before she started to feel dizzy, an hour before she started to get sleepy. By that time he would be holding her up, hailing a taxi like the perfect gentleman.

What she didn’t know, what none of the women knew was that it wasn’t just anyone driving the taxi. That in less than 24hrs whatever woman got in that taxi would be all over the internet. Some men raped for the power, some for the fear, these two did it strictly for profit.

“30 men in 30 minutes,” was the name of their site. Once a month they’d find a woman, drug her and record men running a train on her. By the time she would wake up, her clothes would be on, all her money and credit cards would be in her wallet and she’d be lying on a park bench sore and sick. Most had no memory of the night before to even go to the police and the few that did had little to go on.
But what she learned from her father was that every purp left a trail, no criminal was as smart as he thought he was. The police didn’t care about rapes that didn’t have bruises and crime scenes, most of the women just wanted to pretend like it didn’t happen but I can’t do that.
I started to walk towards them, I unbuttoned my top button and raised my skirt just enough. I blinked my eyes to make sure the eye drops gave them that watery, glossy look. Right before she took a sip I bumped into her and knocked the glass out of her hand. I saw the anger flash in his eyes but she didn’t.

“I’m soooooo soooooory, I didn’t mean to knock that down!” I slurred my words and tried to dry her clothes off even though there was nothing on her, then I turned to him and tried to dry his clothes off. Just like that the light came back to his eyes and he offered to buy me a drink.

“Ummm, you’re just going to forget about me for her!?” She really liked him, even though she was drunk I could tell she thought I was snatching a winning lottery ticket out of her hand.

Little did she know I was saving her life.

“Walk away bitch! I told you I was sorry for knocking over your drink!” She stomped off and I told him I didn’t feel and held on to him like
I would fall at any minute.

“My friend left me because her boyfriend needed a ride home from work. I didn’t mean to drink this much but finals have kicked my ass and I just needed to let loose. I need to call a cab. I need to call a cab! I NEED TO CALL A CAB!”

He rubbed my arm and asked me to calm down. “I can get a cab for you no problem, we can’t have you just going home with anyone now can we?” His smile made my stomach turn.

I saw the bright yellow minivan sitting at the corner as soon as we walked out the club. When he started to look around I noticed him pinch his ear the headlights came to life. As soon as I climbed inside I leaned over in the seat like I was asleep, my eyes weren’t even closed but it was so dark he couldn’t see.

“The bitch is sleep, I’m turning around now.” I heard the door open and shut.

“I thought I’d fucked up the whole thing, right when the bitch I’d been working on all night was about to drink the shit this dumb cunt knocks the glass out her hands. At first I was pissed off but then I offered her a drink and she downed it now problem.”
“You sure no one noticed anything? After the last one you know we have to be careful.”

The last one he was speaking of killed herself after her fiancé saw the video of her having sex with man after man, smiling and begging for more. He couldn’t accept that it was the drugs talking and not her. Her family couldn’t accept that their perfect little girl was a whore so she slit her wrist and the story got national attention for a day or so before it was knocked out the headlines.

“I’m positive! Look at her body, we can charge a thousand a pop for her and can you imagine what the tapes are going to sell for?”

The more they talked the angrier I got by I just laid there, waiting, listening.

“Everything is already set up, as soon as we get to the warehouse I’ll send the blast for the guys to start showing up. First come, first serve.”

The taxi stopped and I could hear a garage door opening. I took the knife out of my garter belt and held it in my hands. I asked God for forgiveness as they started to let the garage door down. How many women laid here and felt helpless, how many women were violated and abused and screamed on the inside for help before their world went dark. The more I thought about it the tighter I squeezed the blade. As soon as the garage door slammed shut I reached around and slit the back of his neck right above the spine at the base of his neck. He wasn’t dead but he was paralyzed from the waist down. He didn’t even have a chance to scream. Before his partner could move I was on him, one eye hanging out the socket and two fingers missing.

The knife was so sharp it cut thru him like hot butter.

Blood all over my face and clothes, his screams silenced by his tongue lying on the floor next to the brakes I saw every woman that felt helpless in their eyes.

Twenty minutes later I was finished and they would never hurt another soul again. My clothes were changed and soaking in bleach, peroxide, tar and sitting in the backseat of the taxi. They were still alive but barely, in a minute they would wish they were dead. Throwing the match in the van I watched as the flames caught their bodies and they shook violently.

Blue jeans, a t-shirt and chucks no one would give me a second look walking back to campus with my backpack on and baseball cap over my eyes. Tonight was a good night, no one else would be hurt by them tonight.

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