I’ll Be Your Heartbeat…

FB-Ring.jpg If you allow me to be, I’ll be your heartbeat. I’ll take all that I have and give it to you. I’ll let my actions prove my worth to you. I’ll let my touch prove my sincerity. I’ll let my words be a beacon to your heart.

Let me be your heartbeat, let everything I lack as a man be found in who you are, let everything you’re missing as a woman be found in who I am.

Our lips should meet in a moment of bliss.

Our eyes should find each other in a crowded room and our hearts should beat faster just knowing, just seeing, just believing.

If you let me add to your life I promise I will never let you down, I will never hurt you, I will never forsake you or take for granted the love and joy and happiness you provide me.

I need you to understand that before you I’m just thoughts, words and inconsistencies but after you I will be life.

There are nights I sit and drink and think and wonder where it all will lead. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it will lead to you. It has always lead to you even if I didn’t know it.


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