Kings Only Notice Queens

182240_562470723185_118401058_31406809_1126638_n Our pastor has been preaching these last couple of weeks about how a man should love a woman and about how a woman should respect a man. I won’t go into detail about what he said but I will say this, he made it clear that he was talking about within a marriage. That a man should expect good sex and to be treated like a King when he’s married. And that a woman should expect to be taken care of, protected, and cared for… within a marriage.

Earlier this week I was approached by a woman and told that we couldn’t go out because I had a drink with a friend of hers three or four years ago. I respected her loyalty but what I wanted to tell her is that her friend just wasn’t for me. Kings notice Queens. If a woman isn’t that, she isn’t for that man. Please understand me; just because I don’t see you as my Queen doesn’t mean there aren’t a thousand other men that don’t see you as theirs. I’m a firm believer that God created one woman for me and that same belief won’t allow me to settle. It won’t allow me to have a child that isn’t a Prince, it won’t allow me to marry a woman that isn’t a Queen. Forgive all the royal references, just watched Game of Thrones but you get it. I’m a King fighting for my Kingdom and the right Queen will either help me be legendary or doom me.

When I see a woman say that she’s out to dinner alone or wishing she had some company, you know what that tells me? It tells me that the options in her life aren’t viable. That they haven’t done enough to make her close that FB or Twitter app and make her want to call him. The same way Kings notice Queens, Queens notice Kings. And if she doesn’t see that potential in you, she’s falling back and can you blame her? I write about relationships and courtships and love so much because it’s serious f*cking business! We’re talking about waking up, making love to, creating life with someone! You can take that for granted if you want to, I can’t. I won’t.

My Queen is out there and I’ll find her or die trying.

Demez F. White

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