It All Starts With A Kiss

“Take your gum out, just give it to me.” I held my hand out for her to give me the gum, she looked at me with squinted eyes and smiled.

“Why do you want to throw my gum away?”

She knew the answer, she just wanted me to say it. She gave me the gum, I walked in the kitchen and threw it in the trash.

Walking back in the living room nothing needed to be said. My hands on her waist, pushing her up against the door my tongue was on the tip of her tongue before she knew it.

A lot of men think aggression is pulling and grabbing and lifting and maybe that’s a form of it. But aggression is just letting her know I’m in control. Not forcing my tongue in her mouth but sucking her bottom lip, having give and take with our mouths. Rubbing the side of her face, her neck, gripping her ass.

Sensuality isn’t always penetration and my mouth on her crown jewels. Slowing it down, letting her know I’m in control. Gliding my fingers along the edges of her upper thighs. Sometimes all it takes is a finger in the water to know it’s warm. To let her know that tonight isn’t the night I swim in it but if I can bring you to Heaven with a finger… Just imagine when I stick everything else in the pool.

Her trembling under my touch. No words needing to be spoken, just moans and the sound of my fingers playing a melody with her clit.

“If you don’t stop and let me leave, I may not leave.”

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