She’s Not Your Little Girl Anymore

daddys girl As a man that spends a lot of time talking to women I’ll be the first to tell you that there’s a major difference between a woman that grew up with a father and a woman that didn’t. Let me rephrase that, a woman that grew up with a good father and a woman that didn’t. I have all the respect in the world for a man that teaches his daughter to have expectations and respect for herself. There’s no doubt she’ll past those same traits to her daughter and even her son.

Saying all that let me also say this… As a man I know it has to be hard letting your little girl go but there comes a point when your little girl is no longer your little girl. Don’t get me wrong, fathers will always have a duty to protect and look after their daughter but when that duty comes at the expense of interfering with her growth, it’s not right.

Let me tell you a story. I was once dating this woman and she still lived with her parents, she was around 25. Before I went to pick her up she told me, “Just ignore my dad, he’s a little protective of me.” I’m a pretty well mannered guy but her father was an asshole. As much as I understood the thought of your daughter doing “adult” things can stress you, I’m still a man. I’ll respect your home, I’ll try and understand how you feel but I won’t be disrespected or quiet about it.

In my world, once I start the courtship process, I’m letting any man know that from this moment on this woman is my responsibility and not yours. Why at this point and not when we’re married? Because you have to set the standard early. As a man I’m the one this woman should be calling when her tire is flat or her battery is dead or there’s a mouse in her house. Not her father, not her brother, not her friend. I’m more than willing to respect that you’ve spent the last quarter century raising a great woman but do you want her dating a man that’s going to back down? My logic is simple, we can work together and I can be a great potential son-n-law or you keep trying to hold on to this image of the girl that you taught to ride a bike or drive and lose her.

I’m terrified of having daughters but I love women so we are where we are .

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