He Tried to Domesticate You; I Just Want to Liberate You

my wifeThere are times I have these nights where I want to be incredibly honest. I think tonight is one of those nights. Look, every man want s a woman he’s proud to call his own. A woman that’s kind and gentle and has qualities that will make her a good wife and a great mother. What we don’t like to admit though is that not every woman is meant to be those things. Some women are just meant to be wild.

Men are jealous by nature, we’re selfish by nature. Even the most understanding of us feel a certain way about other men talking to the women we love. The thing is though, not every woman is meant to be domesticated. Not every woman is meant to be meek. He wants that, he needs that. I can respect that. That isn’t you though. You’re a freak. You like sex in the car, you like biting and scratching and fighting. You need that passion and emotion and those moments when you can run wild without feeling guilty. He can’t see that, I can.

Maybe one day you’ll be ready to settle down and be the woman he wants. I don’t see today being that day.

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