Too Beautiful to be Loved…

too beautiful Is there such a thing as being too pretty? As being too sensual or too sexy or too perfect?

They have all these specials coming out lately about women with dark skin not feeling loved or women with weight issues not feeling loved. I can’t speak on that because every woman is different but you know who I know for a fact has the hardest time finding love? Beautiful women…

In our society we’ve been convinced that if you’re attractive or successful or wealthy you don’t have the right to be unhappy. How can a woman complain when men want to shower her with attention and gifts and bosses want to take her to lunch and smile at her.

The simple truth is beautiful women go thru the most bullshit, men want them for their bodies and as an accessory. If a pretty woman tells you she’s not dating anyone, you roll your eyes and say whatever. If a pretty woman tells you she’s sad or stressed you say, whatever. Average girls don’t want them around because they’re afraid she’s going to steal her man or shine. She can’t have guy friends because he never actually wanted to be her friend, he just figured he’d show her how great of a guy he was.

This is the thing, a woman that never gets the attention of men may have a boring life or a lonely life but she’ll never deal with the drama and heartbreak that comes with being the woman that is always breaking hearts. Even when she doesn’t want to. Just her smile and conversation and hug is enough to have men thinking of forever and the look she has when she’s sad or mad has guys wanting to beat down walls just to save her.

2 thoughts on “Too Beautiful to be Loved…

  1. It depends of what kind of man you are looking for
    If you have high standard about men .
    Even if you are too beautiful you still have to
    Participate to the relationship like the ordinary
    Female not because you are too beautiful you can’ do oral sex , can’t cook no nagging but nice talk
    A man will love women in different looks
    Beautiful, ordinary , heavy etc. As long as you know how to love a
    Man back

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