Are You Happy?

20130710-053801.jpg There aren’t any consultation prizes in the game of love. You either win her heart and commitment and live happily ever after or you lose.

I know most people don’t like admitting their sins out loud but I’ve learned everything we Bo thru makes us everything we are. I’ve dated women that had men at home, women that were engaged and married. I even fell in love.

Maybe if I was writing this at 5pm I would say what I’m supposed to say but it’s 5am. I was willing to share her, willing to be with her knowing he’d been inside of her, consulting her, cuddling with her.

For her I was willing to sacrifice my pride, my logic and my good sense. Do you want to know what stopped me?


See I knew I’d be happy those moments we were together but could I be happy the moments we weren’t? The answer was no.

Touching her, hearing her voice, soaking in her laugh. Having those in my life on a part time basis would have killed me.

So I chose life over death.

I chose celibacy over lust and pleasure.

I chose to push away the most influential woman in my life because in the end I couldn’t share her.

Are you happy?

One thought on “Are You Happy?

  1. You should of fought for her and she would of left her husband and that way you would not of had to share her and you could of been happy.

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