I’ll Only Go As Far As He Goes…

“He asked her to suck his **** so I took his friend, all of him. I’d only go as far as he goes.”


FB-Ring.jpg“Are you sure about this Cassie? He seems like a good guy, you should trust him.”

I wasn’t sure, I wasn’t sure at all but if I was going to marry this man tomorrow I needed to know how I was marrying. He always knew the perfect thing to say, whenever I had doubts or suspected something it was so easy for him to ease those doubts. But tonight felt different, I just couldn’t shake what I was thinking.

And they say a woman’s intuition is never wrong. I had a life before my husband to be and I met, a life I wasn’t proud of but one that allowed me to pay for college and become the woman I am.

“He told me there weren’t going to be any strippers here, he lied… So what else is he lying about? If he doesn’t do anything, he has nothing to…

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