I’ll Only Go As Far As He Goes II….

How far are you willing to go to know you can trust the person you’re about to marry?


FB-Ring.jpgSitting on top of him, his dick soft inside of me, his face frozen. All I could do was sit there, how many times had he been in me? How many times had I cried from pleasure? Now I was crying from hurt, from anger!

“Baby… baby…” I saw it in his eyes, what could he say to me, what the hell could be say?

His hands were still tied behind his back, I placed my hands on his face. Brushed my finger across his lips, “Don’t say anything, please.”

I didn’t stop the tears from falling but I kept my voice calm, cold. Men could give but they couldn’t take, tonight he would take and he would know it was his fault. He would feel like no man has ever felt before but it was his fault! His fault! I leaned down and kissed him, I let my tongue…

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