Tricking vs. Investing… Know the Difference

Don’t worry about what people that will never matter to you think.

a pink gift boxWhat’s a good investment?

Placing your money or resources into something that will yield a great return. It’s that simple. You put a thousand dollars in a pharmaceutical stock and a year later a new drug comes out and that thousand becomes a million. You invest in a used car dealership a month before tax season and in three months you have a four times what you put in.

Investments are about being smart, there’s no doubting that but they’re also about taking calculated risk. No man wants to feel like a sucker, I don’t care if you make 45k a year or 450k a year. But women more than any stocks or bonds are investments. When you put your time, energy and finances into letting her know she matters you’re maturing that stock hoping it blossoms.

Calling her while she’s getting ready for work when you’re dead tired yourself…

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