Tears of the Fall… Complete Edition

It’s hard forgiving someone that you loved that broke you. It’s hard accepting that they didn’t want is revenge…


“Say what you have to say and leave! I’m tired, it’s raining and to be honest I really don’t have shit to say to you! You have four minutes.”

I felt like a stalker. She changed her number, she moved out our apartment and no one knew or would tell me where she was staying and she’d blocked me on everything from Facebook to Hotmail. The only place I knew to find her was her job. I wasn’t trying to make her office gossip so I didn’t wait in the lobby or walk up to her floor. I just drove the parking garage until I saw her car and waited.

When things are going good, when she’s calling seconds after she’s left the house just to say she loves me. When our text vary from explicit to romantic to silly, when all my friends compare our relationship to theirs. When…

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